Title: The Ghost Writer
Title: Big Trouble in Little China
Title: Sex and the City/Sex and the City 2
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Title: Mannequin
Director: Michael Gottlieb
Title: Split Second
Title: Miracle in the Wilderness
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Title: Running Delilah
Director: Richard Franklin
Title: Baby Geniuses
Director: Bob Clark
Title: Creature
Title: Sex & the City/Sex & the City 2
Title: Sex and the City
Title: Sex and the City 2
Title: Ice Princess
Director: Tim Fywell
Title: Meet Monica Velour
Title: Midnight Crossing
Director: Roger Holzberg
Title: The Heidi Chronicles
Director: Paul Bogart
Title: Deadly Harvest
Director: Timothy Bond
Title: Where Truth Lies
Title: Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm, Author: Kim Cattrall
Title: Sex and the City - Sixth Season, Part 2

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