Title: Reasonable Adults: Sneak Peek, Author: Robin Lefler
Title: The First Date Prophecy: Sneak Peek: A Hilarious and Nostalgic Love Story, Author: Kate Tamberelli
Title: Bonfire Night: Sneak Peek, Author: Anna Bliss
Title: Twice a Quinceañera: Sneak Peek, Author: Yamile Saied Méndez
Title: Where Ivy Dares to Grow: Sneak Peek, Author: Marielle Thompson
Title: What Waits in the Woods: Sneak Peek, Author: Terri Parlato
Title: Someone Else's Bucket List: Sneak Peek: A Moving and Unforgettable Novel of Love and Loss, Author: Amy T. Matthews
Title: Gigi, Listening: Sneak Peek: A Witty and Heartfelt Love Story, Author: Chantel Guertin
Title: Through the Snow Globe: Sneak Peek, Author: Annie Rains
Title: Familia: Sneak Peek, Author: Lauren E. Rico
Title: A Light Beyond the Trenches: Sneak Peek, Author: Alan Hlad
Title: The Enemy at Home: Sneak Peek, Author: Kevin O'Brien
Title: Sisters of Fortune: Sneak Peek: A Novel of the Titanic, Author: Anna Lee Huber Pre-Order Now
Title: Her Little Flowers: Sneak Peek: A Spellbinding Gothic Ghost Story, Author: Shannon Morgan
Title: The Still Point: Sneak Peek, Author: Tammy Greenwood
Title: Second Shot: Sneak Peek, Author: Cindy Dees
#1 in Series
Title: Murder in Westminster: Sneak Peek, Author: Vanessa Riley
Title: The Secrets We Share: Sneak Peek: Chapter Sampler, Author: Edwin Hill
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Title: For Her Consideration: Sneak Peek, Author: Amy Spalding
Title: The Queen of the Valley: Sneak Peek, Author: Lorena Hughes

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