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Title: How to be a Successful Executive, Author: J. Paul Getty
Title: The Journal of John Woolman: And a Plea for the Poor, Author: John Woolman
Title: Bertolt Brecht: His Life, His Art and His Times, Author: Bertolt Brecht
Title: 2000 Insults for All Occasions, Author: Louis A. Safian
Title: The World's Best Dirty Jokes, Author: Citadel Press
Title: Autistic Children: A Guide for Parents, Author: Lorna Wing
Title: Stepfamilies, Author: Emily B. Visher
Title: Blackstone's Tricks Anyone Can Do, Author: Harry J. Blackstone
Title: Dracula Book Of Great Vampires, Author: Leslie Shepard
Title: The Way Of Man: According to the Teaching of Hasidism, Author: Martin Buber
Title: Witchcraft, Author: Leo Louis Martello
Title: The Joel Goldsmith Reader, Author: Joel S. Goldsmith
Title: The Collected Short Stories of Maxim Gorky, Author: Maxim Gorky
Title: Magnolia Nights, Author: Martha Hix
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Title: The Vampire: In Legend, Fact and Art, Author: Basil Copper
Title: Ms. Murder, Author: Ruth Rendell
Title: Wild Texas Rose, Author: Martha Hix
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Title: Complete Stories of Robert Bloch: Final Reckonings, Author: Robert Bloch
Title: Witch Doctor's Apprentice: Hunting for Medicinal Plants in the Amazon, Author: Nicole Maxwell
Title: Shouting at the Wolf: A Guide to Identifying and Warding Off Evil in Everyday Life, Author: Anderson Reed

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