Title: The Conversation Turns to Wide-Mouth Jars, Author: Jennifer Wheelock
Title: The Uncertainty Principle: Poems At 70, Author: Richard Stuecker
Title: Mary is a River, Author: Rachel Jamison Webster
Title: Hand Signs from Eternity's Yurt, Author: Diane Raptosh
Title: Pointing Home, Author: Catherine Chandler
Title: Before the Big Bang Makes a Sound, Author: Carolynn Kingyens
Title: The Fence Lesson, Author: Kay Bosgraaf
Title: What the Owls Know, Author: Paul Bernstein
Title: Poet Duet: A Mother and Daughter Poetry Manuscript, Author: Carolyn Clark
Title: Hiccups Haunt Wilson Avenue, Author: Marilyn Zelke-Windau
Title: Manna in the Morning, Author: Jacqueline Jules
Title: Sitting in the Shade of My Own Tree, Author: Marylou Kelly Streznewski
Title: Writhe. Waltz, Author: John A McDermott
Title: Troubler, Author: Elijah Burrell
Title: Stone Roses, Author: Linda Neal Reising
Title: Bachelor's Buttons, Author: David Southward
Title: The Joy of Their Holiness, Author: Peggy Turnbull
Title: Let X=X, Author: Cleveland Wall
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Title: Heaven's Not for You: The Poetry of Josh Nazarene, Author: Donald Zirilli
Title: Being Animal, Author: Terri Glass

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