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Title: Witness, Author: John Peter Harn
Title: A Time When You Know a House: Poems of Detroit, Author: Mary Minock
Title: Mirabilis, Author: Laura Ingram
Title: A Kayak is My Church Pew, Author: Patricia Carney
Title: Apples and Stones, Author: Alice Wolf Gilborn
Title: Boiling Hot, Author: Nancy Anne Miller
Title: Cafe Crazy, Author: Francine Witte
Title: Birthright, Author: Erika Dreifus
Title: Revelation, Author: Nancy Dillingham
Title: Poet Duet: A Mother and Daughter Poetry Manuscript, Author: Carolyn Clark
Title: An Invisible Girl, Author: Judy Young
Title: A Tar Pit to Dye In, Author: Ed Werstein
Title: The Thirteenth Lake, Author: Vida Chu
Title: H. G. Wells Investigates the Tragedy of Colour in America, Author: Alexander Payne Morgan
Title: Taking Our Time, Author: Mark Belair
Title: Earthrise, Author: Deborah Fleming
Title: Notes to the Mental Hospital Timekeeper, Author: Tim Mayo
Title: Letting Rain Have Its Say, Author: Donna Baier Stein
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Title: Bloomsberries and Other Curiosities, Author: Laurie Byro
Title: Time Signatures, Author: John W Bing

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