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Title: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Author: Tessema Demeke Afework
Title: Supply Chain, Operation and Business Management, Author: Hamilton Pozo
Title: Tarnishing the Golden Stool, Author: Fenna W. Chter
Title: Morbidity Management of Edema Leg, Author: Dwijesh Kumar Panda
Title: Propuesta de Estrategias para el Mejoramiento del Comportamiento de Equipos Rotativos Críticos, Author: Alonso Ojeda
Title: ALGAE BIODIESEL An Alternative Fuel For Diesel Engine, Author: Niraj Topare
Title: The search for (the right) translators, Author: Anne Lafeber
Title: Introduction to Digital Logic, Author: Loquias Rizza T.
Title: Acute Pain Management Using Non Pharmacological Intervention, Author: Manal Kassab
Title: Life in Ireland, Author: Vladimir Vysotskiy
Title: Theory and Practice of Relational Algebra, Author: Lucie Molková
Title: Recubrimientos Protectores de Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC), Author: Gil Capote Rodr Guez
Title: Wiring and installation design of a multi storied residential building, Author: Sayan Paramanik
Title: Le nouveau paradigme sécuritaire à l'aune de la police de proximité, Author: Goyon M. Milemba
Title: The internal control systems and performance of banking industries, Author: Cornelius  Kurere Kurere
Title: Synthesis and Characterization of DLC Films Prepared by Pld Method, Author: Jaanus Eskusson
Title: The Russia-Georgia War of 2008: Media Content and Public Opinion, Author: Elena Yost
Title: Design of Industrial truss building using Eurocodes, Author: Tayyab Naqash
Title: Letters Home: A Jewish Chaplain's Vietnam Memoir, Author: Sheldon Lewis
Title: Teacher-Student-Parent Relationship, Author: Fatima Bali Zemzemi

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