Title: Charlie Parker: A Mysterious Profile, Author: John Connolly
Title: Where Nightmares Come From (The Dream Weaver Books on Writing Fiction, #1), Author: Clive Barker
Title: The Monks of Appalling Dreadfulness, Author: John Connolly
Title: Crimespree Magazine #1 and 2, Author: Mark Billingham
Title: Our Lives: Girls' and Women's Stories Across Two Millennia, Author: John Connolly
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Thalia Book Club: Emma Donoghue's Room
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Title: Je vis ici, Author: John Connolly
Title: Shadow Voices: 300 Years of Irish Genre Fiction: A History in Stories, Author: John Connolly
Title: Suspense Magazine November 2012, Author: John Raab
Title: Crimespree Magazine #49, Author: Jon Jordan