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Title: Little Big Horn
Title: A Walk in the Sun
Title: Farewell My Lovely / Big Sleep / (Ws)
Title: I Saw What You Did
Title: Farewell, My Lovely
Title: The Shape of Things to Come
Title: The Fast and the Furious
Title: Taste of Death
Title: Guyana, Cult of the Damned
Title: Run, Man, Run!
Title: The House of Seven Corpses
Title: Wake up and Dream
Title: Southwest Passage
Title: War Devils
Title: The Basketball Fix
Title: The Bushwhackers
Title: 10-Film Heat on the Street
Title: The Udana & The Itivuttaka: Inspired Utterances of the Buddha & The Buddha's Sayings, Author: John Ireland
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The Making of a Basketball Dynasty: Unreleased Interviews of LA Lakers Owners Dr. Jerry & Jeanie Buss
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Title: Figurines para el dibujo de moda, Author: Patrick John Ireland

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