Title: King of Kings
Title: The Searchers
Director: John Ford
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Title: Sergeant Rutledge
Director: John Ford
Title: The Great Locomotive Chase
Title: Hell to Eternity
Director: Phil Karlson
Title: No Man Is an Island
Title: A Kiss Before Dying
Title: Man-Trap
Title: Sailor of the King
Director: Roy Boulting
Title: Red Skies of Montana
Title: In Love and War
Director: Philip Dunne
Title: Brainstorm
Director: William Conrad
Title: Oro per i Cesari
Title: The Man from Galveston
Title: Dimension 5
Director: Franklin Adreon
Title: The True Story of Jesse James
Title: Dare to Dream: Sermons for African American Self-Esteem, Author: Jeffrey Hunter
Title: The Movement of Liberation in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Author: Jeffrey Hunter
Title: The Baby Mamma Drama, Author: Jeffrey Hunter