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Title: Death on the Nile
Title: Wonderwall
Title: La Belle Noiseuse
Title: Evil under the Sun
Title: Je T'aime, Moi Non Plus
Title: Seven Deaths In The Cat's Eyes
Title: L'Amour Par Terre Pre-Order Now
Title: Sieben Tote in den Augen der Katze
Title: Oh! Pardon tu dormais..., Artist: Jane Birkin
Title: Jane et Serge, Artist: Jane Birkin
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Title: Birkin/Gainsbourg: Le Symphonique, Artist: Jane Birkin
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Title: Munkey Diaries: Die privaten Tagebücher - Mit exklusivem Fotomaterial, Author: Jane Birkin
Title: Munkey Diaries: Diario 1957-1982, Author: Jane Birkin
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Lettres: Choix de lettres destinées à J.M. Murry et R. Murry
by Katherine Mansfield
Narrated by  Jane Birkin
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Title: Munkey Diaries (1957-1982), Author: Jane Birkin
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Title: Archive, Photography and the Language of Administration, Author: Jane Birkin
Title: Post-Scriptum: Diaries 1982-2013, Author: Jane Birkin
Title: Post-Scriptum. Diario 1982-2013, Author: Jane Birkin
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Title: Munkey Diaries, Author: Jane Birkin
Title: Je T'Aime .... Moi Non Plus, Artist: Jane Birkin

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