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Title: Vivacious Lady
Title: The Plainsman
Title: The Undying Monster
Title: Johnny Doesn't Live Here Any More
Title: Hopalong Cassidy Enters
Title: Western Double Feature: Return of Wildfire/Last of the Wild Horses
Title: Lady, Let's Dance
Title: 23 1/2 Hours Leave
Title: They Met in Argentina
Title: Sorority House
Title: Murder in Crooked Creek, Author: James Ellison
Title: Threatening Europe: Britain and the Creation of the European Community, 1955-58, Author: James Ellison
Title: The Scheme, Author: James Ellison
Title: Yosemite Letters and Twenty Poems: Correspondence 1969-70, Author: James Ellison Wills
Title: George Sandys: Travel, Colonialism and Tolerance in the Seventeenth Century, Author: James Ellison
Title: Faithful Fugitives, Author: James Ellison
Title: Annapolis Salute
Title: The Sweet Death: The Dolce Morte, Author: James Ellison Wills
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Title: Crime Prevention and Personal Safety Tips, Author: James Ellison