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Title: Hughisms: A Legacy of Life Lessons, Author: Regina Peery
Title: Daughters & Love and a Locomotive, Author: Joann Klusmeyer
#2 in Series
Title: Empire: The Coming Christian Conquest of the World, Author: Russ Neal
Title: Still in the Making, Author: Nicole Allen
Title: A Minute with Molly: Etiquette Essentials for Children, Author: Judy Bollweg
Title: Drawing Closer, Author: B. K. Rodgers
#1 in Series
Title: Eat and Get Gas & The Honey Tree: An Anthology of Southern Historical Fiction, Author: Joann Klusmeyer
Title: A Journey to a Spirit-Filled Life: Six Steps for Deepening Your Relationship with Christ, Author: Teresita Paje
Title: The Big Camping Adventure, Author: Tom Toombs
Title: The Reliever: My Journey from Pitcher to Preacher, Author: Rob Callistro
Title: Navigate: Simplifying the Search for God's Will, Author: Jason Creech
Title: Divine Disciplines, Author: Bobby Mullins
Title: Sober, Author: Jessica Whalen
Title: Manley Beasley: Man of Faith - Instrument of Revival, Author: Ron Owens
Title: Letters to the Unchurched, Author: J. P. Quianzon
Title: Buried Treasure & Stranded, Author: Joann Klusmeyer
#3 in Series
Title: Celebrate Your Differences, Author: Jennifer Lawson
Title: Foundations For Our Faith (Volume 3; 2nd Edition): Romans 10-16, Author: Adrian Rogers
Title: Restitution, Author: Kristy Shelton
Title: Enchanted Fortress, Author: Joann Klusmeyer

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