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Title: Blind Hope, Author: Kristy Shelton
Title: The Final Inning, Author: Kristy Shelton
Title: The Double Dare Circle, Author: Kristy Shelton
Title: Restitution, Author: Kristy Shelton
Title: Enchanted Fortress, Author: Joann Klusmeyer
Title: Last Born: A Novel of Historical Fiction, Author: Joann Klusmeyer
Title: Hughisms: A Legacy of Life's Lessons, Author: Regina Peery
Title: Because Two Boys Became Friends, Author: Lisa Henderson O'Harra
Title: God's Hidden Treasures: All Wisdom and Knowledge, Author: Adrian Rogers
Title: THE BOY AND THE TALL, TALL ROCK and ABBIE AND THE SAUCY BLACK BIRD: An Anthology of Young Pioneer Adventures, Author: Joann Klusmeyer
Title: Acts: . . . And They Continued, Author: Carroll Roberson
Title: A Temporary Inconvenience, Author: Mark Wiggins
Title: Call Me Blue, Author: Ron Owens
Title: THE MIGHTY CEDAR and A FRIEND LOVETH AT ALL TIMES: An Anthology of Southern Historical Fiction, Author: Joann Klusmeyer
Title: Together with God, Author: Heather Olford
Title: Carson and His Shaky Paws Grampa, Author: Kirk Hall
Title: The Way to Be a Winner: Little Tommy Learns a Lesson in Working Together, Author: Tom Toombs
Title: Canta Sobre Mi, Author: Pamela Baumann
Title: Behold!, Author: Joyce Rogers
Title: A Rose with Broken Thorns: Esperanza's Story: Redemption from Human Trafficking, Author: Mary D. Wasson

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