Title: Credence, Author: Penelope Douglas
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Title: Kill Switch (Devil's Night, #3), Author: Penelope Douglas
Title: Conclave (Devil's Night, #3.5), Author: Penelope Douglas
Title: Fire Night (Devil's Night, #4.5), Author: Penelope Douglas
Title: The Maddest Obsession, Author: Danielle Lori
Title: The Slob, Author: Aron Beauregard
Title: Brain Workouts ACTIVITY Book for ADULTS; Vol. 2 (Crossword, Codeword, Word fill-ins, Mazes, Word search & Sudoku) 210 Large Print Puzzles., Author: Jaja Media
Title: diary of a romantica, vol. I: lovers forgotten, Author: Celia Martínez
Title: Master Your Emotions: A Practical Guide to Overcome Negativity and Better Manage Your Feelings, Author: Thibaut Meurisse
Title: 240 Variety Puzzle Book 3; Word Search, Sudoku, Code Word and Word Fill-ins for Effective Brain Exercise, Author: Jaja Media
Title: Haunted: Perron Manor, Author: Lee Mountford
Title: Only For Him, Author: W. Winters
Title: The Inner Work: An Invitation to True Freedom and Lasting Happiness, Author: Ashley Cottrell
Title: Long Live The Cartel, Author: Ashley and JaQuavis
Title: Ranger, Author: Dr. Rebecca Sharp
Title: Savage Bonds, Author: J Bree
Title: She Is The Poem: sapphic poetry on love and becoming, Author: June Bates
Title: The Grip Trilogy, Author: Kennedy Ryan
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Title: Natural Recipes and Remedies How to heal based on the teachings of Dr. Barbara O'Neill, Author: Jessica Reesby
Title: Son of The Slob, Author: Aron Beauregard

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