Title: The Backwater Sermons, Author: Jay Hulme
Title: Daily Prayer with the Corrymeela Community, Author: Padraig O Tuama
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Title: Sorry For Your Troubles, Author: Padraig O Tuama
Title: David's Crown: Sounding the Psalms, Author: Malcolm Guite
Title: Waiting on the Word: A poem a day for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany, Author: Malcolm Guite
Title: Borders and Belonging: The Book of Ruth: A story for our times, Author: Padraig O Tuama
Title: Word in the Wilderness: A poem a day for Lent and Easter, Author: Malcolm Guite
Title: The Heart Of It All: The Bible's Big Picture, Author: Samuel Wells
Title: Letters To The Seven Churches, Author: William Barclay
Title: Word Made Flesh: Recovering a Sense of the Sacred Through Prayer, Author: Main
by Main
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Title: Black, Gay, British, Christian, Queer: The Church and The Famine of Grace, Author: Jarel Robinson-Brown
Title: The Abiding Presence: A Theological Commentary on Exodus, Author: Mark Scarlata
Title: Insights: The Lord's Prayer: What the Bible Tells Us About the Lord's Prayer, Author: William Barclay
Title: Parable and Paradox: Sonnets on the sayings of Jesus and other poems, Author: Malcolm Guite
Title: Seeing Differently: Franciscans and Creation, Author: Samuel Double
Title: The Singing Bowl, Author: Malcolm Guite
Title: A Future That's Bigger Than The Past: Towards the renewal of the Church, Author: Samuel Wells
Title: Jesus As They Saw Him, Author: William Barclay
Title: Readings from the Book of Exile, Author: Padraig O Tuama
Title: The Splash of Words: Believing in poetry, Author: Mark Oakley

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