Title: Verity (French Edition), Author: Colleen Hoover
Title: Regretting you (French Edition), Author: Colleen Hoover
Title: Reckless & Real Something Real - tome 2 -Extrait gratuit-, Author: Lexi Ryan
Title: The silent waters - tome 3 The elements -Extrait offert-, Author: Brittainy c. Cherry
Title: Dirty Rich love - saison 2 -Extrait offert-, Author: Laurelin Paige
Title: Love and other words, Author: Christina Lauren
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Title: Forever with you - tome 3 (Fixed on you) (Extrait offert), Author: Laurelin Paige
Title: Reckless & real something wild - Prequel - Extrait offert, Author: Lexi Ryan
Title: Reckless & Real Something dangerous Episode 1 - tome 1, Author: Lexi Ryan
Title: Briar University Tome 4 - The dare - Extrait Offert, Author: Elle Kennedy
Title: Love and other words -Extrait offert-, Author: Christina Lauren
Title: Dirty Rich men - tome 1 -Extrait offert-, Author: Laurelin Paige
Title: Sugar Daddy Sugar bowl - tome 1 Episode 1, Author: Sawyer Bennett
Title: Regretting you --Extrait offert (French Edition), Author: Colleen Hoover
Title: Verity -Extrait offert- (French-language Edition - Free Excerpt), Author: Colleen Hoover
Title: Sugar bowl - tome 3 Sugar Free -Extrait offert-, Author: Sawyer Bennett
Title: My favorite half night stand, Author: Christina Lauren
Title: Too late -Extrait offert-, Author: Colleen Hoover
Title: As she fades -Extrait offert-, Author: Abbi Glines
Title: Sexy Lawyers Saison 1 Episode 1 Objection, Author: Emma Chase

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