Title: The New Terror: Facing the Threat of Biological and Chemical Weapons, Author: Sidney D. Drell
Title: The Case Against the Employee Free Choice Act, Author: Richard A. Epstein
Title: Ever Wonder Why?: and Other Controversial Essays, Author: Thomas Sowell
Title: Crosswinds: The Way of Saudi Arabia, Author: Fouad Ajami
Title: Our Brave New World: Essays on the Impact of September 11, Author: Wladyslaw  Pleszczynski
Title: California Electricity Crisis, Author: James L. Sweeney
Title: Pension Wise: Confronting Employer Pension Underfunding-And Sparing Taxpayers the Next Bailout, Author: Charles Blahous
Title: State of Disrepair: Fixing the Culture and Practices of the State Department, Author: Kori N. Schake
Title: Conserving Liberty, Author: Mark Blitz
Title: The Taylor Rule and the Transformation of Monetary Policy, Author: Robert Leeson
Title: Education and Capitalism: How Overcoming Our Fear of Markets and Economics Can Improve America's Schools, Author: Joseph L. Bast
Title: The Wave: Man, God, and the Ballot Box in the Middle East, Author: Reuel Marc Gerecht
Title: Courage Under Fire: Testing Epictetus's Doctrines in a Laboratory of Human Behavior, Author: James B. Stockdale
Title: Ending Government Bailouts as We Know Them, Author: Kenneth E. Scott
Title: The Myth of the Great Satan: A New Look at America's Relations with Iran, Author: Abbas Milani
Title: The Foreign Factor: The Multinational Corporation's Contribution to the Economic Modernization of the Republic of China, Author: Chi Schive
Title: Freedom or Terror: Europe Faces Jihad, Author: Russell A. Berman
Title: School Accountability, Author: Williamson M. Evers
Title: Boris Pasternak: Family Correspondence, 1921-1960, Author: Maya Slater
Title: Politics, Murder, and Love in Stalin's Kremlin: The Story of Nikolai Bukharin and Anna Larina, Author: Paul R. Gregory

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