Title: China and Japan: New Economic Diplomacy, Author: Chae-Jin Lee
Title: Lenin and the Twentieth Century: A Bertram D. Wolfe Retrospective, Author: Lennard Gerson
Title: Market and Plan under Socialism: The Bird in the Cage, Author: Jan S. Prybyla
Title: Hope for South Africa?, Author: Peter Duignan
Title: Mission and Betrayal 1940-1945: Working with Franklin Roosevelt to Help Save Britain and Europe, Author: Rene De Chambrun
Title: Thoughts of a Philosophical Fighter Pilot, Author: James B. Stockdale
Title: You Have to Admit It's Getting Better: From Economic Prosperity to Environmental Quality, Author: Terry L. Anderson
Title: Swing Dance: Justice O'Connor and the Michigan Muddle, Author: Robert Zelnick
Title: Varieties of Conservatism in America, Author: Peter Berkowitz
Title: Population Puzzle: Boom or Bust?, Author: Laura E. Huggins
Title: Terrorism, the Laws of War, and the Constitution: Debating the Enemy Combatant Cases, Author: Peter Berkowitz
Title: Drug War Deadlock: The Policy Battle Continues, Author: Laura E. Huggins
Title: Liberty and Justice: Philosophical Reflections on a Free Society, Author: Tibor R. Machan
Title: The Second Twentieth Century: How the Information Revolution Shapes Business, States, and Nations, Author: Jean-Jacques Rosa
Title: Liberal Reform in an Illiberal Regime: The Creation of Private Property in Russia, 1906-1915, Author: Stephen F. Williams
Title: Greener than Thou: Are You Really An Environmentalist?, Author: Terry L. Anderson
Title: Reykjavik Revisited: Steps Toward a World Free of Nuclear Weapons: Complete Report of 2007 Hoover Institution Conference, Author: George P. Shultz
Title: Reroute the Preschool Juggernaut, Author: Jr. Finn
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Title: Advancing Student Achievement, Author: Herbert J. Walberg
Title: Syria through Jihadist Eyes: A Perfect Enemy, Author: Nibras Kazimi

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