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Title: Thoughts of a Philosophical Fighter Pilot, Author: James B. Stockdale
Title: Ever Wonder Why?: and Other Controversial Essays, Author: Thomas Sowell
Title: Race & Economics: How Much Can Be Blamed on Discrimination?, Author: Walter E. Williams
Title: To Make and Keep Peace Among Ourselves and with All Nations, Author: Angelo M. Codevilla
Title: The End of Modern History in the Middle East, Author: Bernard Lewis
Title: Lenin's Brain and Other Tales from the Secret Soviet Archives, Author: Paul R. Gregory
Title: Politics, Murder, and Love in Stalin's Kremlin: The Story of Nikolai Bukharin and Anna Larina, Author: Paul R. Gregory
Title: Liberty Versus the Tyranny of Socialism: Controversial Essays, Author: Walter E. Williams
Title: Varieties of Conservatism in America, Author: Peter Berkowitz
Title: Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover's Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath, Author: George H. Nash
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Title: The Business of Commerce: Examining an Honorable Profession, Author: James E. Chesher
Title: Death Grip: Loosening the Law's Stranglehold over Economic Liberty, Author: Clint Bolick
Title: Communicating with the World of Islam, Author: A. Ross Johnson
Title: A Country I Do Not Recognize: The Legal Assault on American Values, Author: Robert H. Bork
Title: The Moldovans: Romania, Russia, and the Politics of Culture, Author: Charles King
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Title: Liberty and Justice: Philosophical Reflections on a Free Society, Author: Tibor R. Machan
Title: Government Policies and the Delayed Economic Recovery, Author: Lee E. Ohanian
Title: You Have to Admit It's Getting Better: From Economic Prosperity to Environmental Quality, Author: Terry L. Anderson
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Title: The Illusion of Net Neutrality: Political Alarmism, Regulatory Creep and the Real Threat to Internet Freedom, Author: Bob Zelnick
Title: Free Markets under Siege: Cartels, Politics, and Social Welfare, Author: Richard A. Epstein

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