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Title: Thoughts of a Philosophical Fighter Pilot, Author: James B. Stockdale
Title: Learning as We Go: Why School Choice is Worth the Wait, Author: Paul T. Hill
Title: Tests, Testing, and Genuine School Reform, Author: Herbert J. Walberg
Title: My Times & Life: A Historian's Progress Through a Contentious Age, Author: Morton Keller
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Title: Conserving Liberty, Author: Mark Blitz
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Title: Up from the Projects: An Autobiography, Author: Walter E. Williams
Title: The Case Against the Employee Free Choice Act, Author: Richard A. Epstein
Title: The Wave: Man, God, and the Ballot Box in the Middle East, Author: Reuel Marc Gerecht
Title: Syria through Jihadist Eyes: A Perfect Enemy, Author: Nibras Kazimi
Title: Bankruptcy Not Bailout: A Special Chapter 14, Author: Kenneth E. Scott
Title: Social Security: The Unfinished Work, Author: Charles Blahous
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Title: Skating on Stilts: Why We Aren't Stopping Tomorrow's Terrorism, Author: Stewart Baker
Title: Liberty Versus the Tyranny of Socialism: Controversial Essays, Author: Walter E. Williams
Title: The California Electricity Crisis, Author: James L. Sweeney
Title: Trial of a Thousand Years: World Order and Islamism, Author: Charles Hill
Title: The Road Ahead for the Fed, Author: John D. Ciorciari
Title: Torn Country: Turkey between Secularism and Islamism, Author: Zeyno Baran
Title: Freedom or Terror: Europe Faces Jihad, Author: Russell A. Berman
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Title: Nuclear Enterprise: High-Consequence Accidents: How to Enhance Safety and Minimize Risks in Nuclear Weapons and Reactors, Author: George P. Shultz
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Title: Cultivating Confidence: Verification, Monitoring, and Enforcement for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons, Author: Corey Hinderstein
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