Title: Learning from No Child Left Behind: How and Why the Nation's Most Important but Controversial Education Law Should Be Renewed, Author: John E. Chubb
Title: Reroute the Preschool Juggernaut, Author: Chester E. Finn
Title: Communicating with the World of Islam, Author: A. Ross Johnson
Title: The Human Prosperity Project: Essays on Socialism and Free-Market Capitalism from the Hoover Institution, Author: Hoover Institution
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Title: NAFTA at 20: The North American Free Trade Agreement's Achievements and Challenges, Author: Michael J. Boskin
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Title: Fix the U.S. Budget!: Urgings of an
Title: Shaping a New Economic Relationship: The Republic of Korea and the United States, Author: Jongryn Mo
Title: Political Money: Deregulating American Politics: Selected Writings on Campaign Finance Reform, Author: Annalise G. Anderson
Title: The Bulgarian Communist Party from Blagoev to Zhivkov: Histories of Ruling Communist Parties, Author: John D. Bell PhD
Title: War Through Children's Eyes: The Soviet Occupation of Poland and the Deportations, 1939-1941, Author: Jan T. Gross
Title: Soviet Defectors: The KGB Wanted List, Author: Vladislav Krasnov
Title: The Consequences of Syria, Author: Lee Smith
Title: A Vietnam Experience: Ten Years of Reflection, Author: James B. Stockdale
Title: In Retreat: America's Withdrawal from the Middle East, Author: Russell A. Berman
Title: Israel and the Arab Turmoil, Author: Itamar Rabinovich
Title: Caseworkers or Police?: How Tenants See Public Housing, Author: Alvin Rabushka
Title: Market and Plan under Socialism: The Bird in the Cage, Author: Jan S. Prybyla
Title: The Weaver's Lost Art, Author: Charles Hill
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Title: To Promote Peace: U.S. Foreign Policy in the Mid-1980s, Author: Dennis L. Bark
Title: The Struggle for Mastery in the Fertile Crescent, Author: Fouad Ajami

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