Title: Caseworkers or Police?: How Tenants See Public Housing, Author: Alvin Rabushka
Title: Solzhenitsyn in Exile: Critical Essays and Documentary Materials, Author: Roger A. Freeman
Title: Burden of Government, Author: Edwin S. Mills
Title: The Essence of Stigler, Author: Kurt R. Leube
Title: Herbert Hoover and Stanford University, Author: George H. Nash
Title: Last Chance in Manchuria: The Diary of Chang Kai-ngau, Author: Donald H. Gillin
Title: The New Terror: Facing the Threat of Biological and Chemical Weapons, Author: Sidney D. Drell
Title: A Primer on America's Schools, Author: Terry M. Moe
Title: School Accountability, Author: Williamson M. Evers
Title: The California Electricity Crisis, Author: James L. Sweeney
Title: Our Schools and Our Future: Are We Still at Risk?, Author: Paul E. Peterson
Title: Recollections of a Romanian Diplomat, 1918-1969: Diaries and Memoirs of Raoul V. Bossy, Author: Ilinca Bossy
Title: Charter Schools against the Odds: An Assessment of the Koret Task Force on K-12 Education, Author: Paul T. Hill
Title: The Flat Tax, Author: Robert E. Hall
Title: Implications of the Reykjavik Summit on Its Twentieth Anniversary: Conference Report, Author: Sidney D. Drell
Title: Looking Backward and Forward: Policy Issues in the Twenty-first Century, Author: Charles Wolf Jr.
Title: Property Rights: A Practical Guide to Freedom and Prosperity, Author: Terry L. Anderson
Title: T. V. Soong: His Life and Times, Author: Wu Jingping
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Title: Greener than Thou: Are You Really An Environmentalist?, Author: Terry L. Anderson
Title: Reykjavik Revisited: Steps Toward a World Free of Nuclear Weapons: Complete Report of 2007 Hoover Institution Conference, Author: George P. Shultz

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