Title: Mrs. Miniver
Title: Random Harvest
Director: Mervyn LeRoy
Title: Her Twelve Men
Title: Goodbye, Mr. Chips
Director: Sam Wood
Title: Pride and Prejudice
Title: Madame Curie
Title: Valley Of Decision
Director: Tay Garnett
Title: The Singing Nun
Director: Henry Koster
Title: That Forsyte Woman
Title: Mrs. Parkington
Director: Tay Garnett
Title: Strange Lady in Town
Title: Desire Me
Title: Sunrise at Campobello
Title: The Miniver Story
Director: H.C. Potter
Title: Julia Misbehaves
Director: Jack Conway
Title: Adventure
Director: Victor Fleming
Title: Scandal at Scourie
Title: Remember?
Director: Norman Z. McLeod