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Title: Having Witnessed the Illusion, Author: Nicole Greaves
Title: Book of Gods & Grudges, Author: Jessica L Walsh
Title: Ash, Author: Gloria Mindock
Title: Pirene's Fountain Volume 12, Issue 20: Culinary Poems, Author: Ami Kaye
Title: Pirene's Fountain Volume 11, Issue 19: Tenth Anniversary Issue, Author: Ami Kaye
Title: While Listening to the Enigma Variations: New and Selected Poems, Author: Diane Frank
Title: In Search of Warm Breathing Things, Author: Katherine Gekker
Title: Walking Toward Cranes, Author: Amy Small-McKinney
Title: Speak and Spell, Author: Allison Joseph
Title: Silver Seasons of Heartache, Author: Naoko Fujimoto
Title: The Philosopher Savant, Author: Rustin Larson
Title: Femme Eterna, Author: Lyn Lifshin
Title: The Dark's Humming, Author: Megan Merchant
Title: The Floating Door, Author: M. E. Silverman
Title: Pirene's Fountain, Volume 9 Issue 17, Author: Ami Kaye
Title: Aeolian Harp Anthology, Volume 2, Author: Lois P. Jones
Title: Small Fish in High Branches, Author: Annette Sisson
Title: Before the Drought, Author: Margo Berdeshevsky
Title: Waspfish, Author: Val Dering Rojas
Title: The Same Amount of Ink, Author: Susan Berlin

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