Title: Verge, Author: Morgan Lucas Schuldt
Title: Rumor, Author: Elizabeth Robinson
Title: Between the Twilight and the Sky, Author: Jennie Neighbors
Title: The Book of Isaac, Author: Aidan Semmens
Title: The Prison Poems, Author: Miguel Hernïndez
Title: Contrapuntal, Author: Christopher Kondrich
Title: Small Sillion, Author: Joshua McKinney
Title: Not into the Blossoms and Not into the Air, Author: Elizabeth Jacobson
Title: Dear Reader, Author: Bruce Bond
Title: The Wash, Author: Adam Clay
Title: Empire, Author: Tracy Zeman
Title: The Forever Notes, Author: Ethel Rackin
Title: Child in the Road, Author: Cindy Savett
Title: The Miraculous Courageous, Author: Josh Booton
Title: Elsewhere, That Small, Author: Monica Berlin
Title: Settlers, Author: F Daniel Rzicznek
Title: A Map of Faring, Author: Peter Riley
Title: Overyellow: The Poem as Installation Art, Author: Nicholas Pesquès
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Title: The Visible Woman, Author: Allison Funk
Title: Erros, Author: Morgan Lucas Schuldt

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