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Title: The Eternity Chronicles: Ascension, Author: Styphen Nathaneal Garner
Title: Passport To Eternity, Author: Dominic J Morrow
Title: Goddess of Alkebulan Makes Love to God King: The World is Created and We Are Fruitful and Multiply, Author: Dan Edward Knight Sr.
Title: Echoes of the Forgotten, Author: Kevin Looney
Title: DREAM: Eternity Fae, Author: C.A Heart
Title: The Secret of Eternity: Book 1 of the Eternity-Saga, Author: Lisa Sauer
Title: Eternal Starling, Author: Angela Corbett
Title: Discovered: Eternity's Embrace Series, Book 1, Author: Ursula Istrati
Title: The Elemental, Author: J. M. Simmons
#1 in Series
Title: La Predatrice, Author: Norma Tarditi
Title: Brief Seconds In A Short Future: The Rapid Eternity, Author: Caleb Reese
Title: Stories from the Mirror of Eternity: The best stories in eternity, Author: Derek McMillan
Title: Glory, Author: Lazette Gifford
#1 in Series
Title: Relevant Leadership Revolutionary Results Workbook: Leading in Life, Home, and Work, Author: Bobbie Sparks
Title: Eternity, Author: Holly Kindzierski
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The Eternity War: Pariah: Book One: Pariah
by Jamie Sawyer
Narrated by  Katherine Fenton
#1 in Series
Audiobook (Unabridged)

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Title: Sola en mi oscuridad: 1a entrega de la Saga Eternity, Author: Carolyn Sanfel
Title: The Eternity: Pure Soul - II, Author: K. A. Patil
Title: One Word: One More Day, Author: P. C. Houtzer
Title: The Most Love Ever!, Author: Mary Hoy Schmidt
#1 in Series

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