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Title: For Always, Author: Danielle Sibarium
Title: Deadly Secrets, Author: Savannah Hartley
Title: Viaggio a ogni costo: Autostop dall'Italia al Medio Oriente, Author: Diana Barbieri
Title: Eternity's Emporium of Eccentricities proudly presents: The Ladies of the Emporium: Vol I, Author: M C McLamb
Title: Der Nacht ergeben: Guardians of Eternity 1 - Roman, Author: Alexandra Ivy
Title: When Darkness Comes (Guardians of Eternity Series #1), Author: Alexandra Ivy
#1 in Series
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Title: The Legacy, NET Eternity Now New Testament Series, Vol. 1: Matthew, Hebrews, James, Jude, Paperback, Comfort Print: Holy Bible, Author: Thomas Nelson
Title: The Eternity War: Pariah, Author: Jamie Sawyer
Title: Eleven Days on Earth, Author: Jerry J. Davis
Title: Forever Hospital, Author: Nerva Stein
Title: Eternity Cycle, Author: Charles Quaas
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The Eternity War: Book One: Pariah
by Jamie Sawyer
Narrated by  Katherine Fenton
#1 in Series
Audiobook (Unabridged)

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