Title: The Paris Library, Author: Janet Skeslien Charles
Title: The Devil's Slave: A Novel, Author: Tracy Borman
Title: The Lost Girls of Devon, Author: Barbara O'Neal
Title: The Promise, Author: Teresa Driscoll
Title: Blackberry and Wild Rose, Author: Sonia Velton
Title: You Then, Me Now, Author: Nick Alexander
Title: Little White Secrets, Author: Carol Mason
Title: Wonderland: An Anthology of Works Inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Author: Marie O'Regan
Title: False Hope, Author: Lynne Lee
Title: The Unsuitable, Author: Molly Pohlig
Title: Substitute, Author: Susi Holliday
Title: Who's That Earl, Author: Susanna Craig
Title: Everything Under: A Novel, Author: Daisy Johnson
Title: 50 Top Tools for Coaching, 3rd Edition: A Complete Toolkit for Developing and Empowering People, Author: Gillian Jones
Title: Girl, Lost, Author: Vikki Patis
Title: In Her Shadow, Author: Mark Edwards
Title: Dying for Christmas: A Novel, Author: Tammy Cohen
Title: I Know You, Author: Claire McGowan Pre-Order Now
Title: One Thing Leads to a Lover, Author: Susanna Craig
Title: So This Is Love (Twisted Tale Series #9), Author: Elizabeth Lim

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