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Title: Aloha, Baby! (The Escape Series, #0.5), Author: Ann Omasta
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Title: The Escape Series Box Set 1-3, Author: Sydney Holmes
Title: Dry Spell, Author: Mia London
Title: Escape In You, Author: Rachel C Schurig
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Title: Escape, Author: Ashley J Smith
Title: Escape, Collection 1, Author: Black Eye Entertainment
Title: A Prodigal Bastard, Author: Will Lorimer
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Saturday Morning Park Run, The (Yorkshire Escape, Book 1)
by Jules Wake
Narrated by  Laura Brydon
#1 in Series
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Title: THE CHANGE, Author: Jessica Dragone
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Title: Falling for Her French Tycoon: Fall in love with this single dad romance!, Author: Rebecca Winters

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