Title: Creators, Author: Tiffany Truitt
3 in Series
Title: Paper or Plastic, Author: Vivi Barnes
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Title: Out of Play, Author: Jolene Perry
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Title: Love and Other Unknown Variables, Author: Shannon Lee Alexander
Title: Modern Monsters, Author: Kelley York
Title: Searching For Beautiful, Author: Nyrae Dawn
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Title: Whatever Life Throws at You, Author: Julie Cross
Title: Such Sweet Sorrow, Author: Jenny Trout
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Title: Fragile Line, Author: Brooklyn Skye
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Title: How (Not) to Fall in Love, Author: Lisa Brown Roberts
Title: Made of Stars, Author: Kelley York
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Title: Knight Assassin, Author: Rima Jean
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Title: Donna of the Dead, Author: Alison Kemper
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Title: Dead Over Heels, Author: Alison Kemper
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Title: Sidelined, Author: Kendra C. Highley
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