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Title: Liberation: A World War II Thriller of Love, Compassion, Courage, Leadership and Redemption, Author: Emilio Iodice
Title: A Kid From Philadelphia,: Mario Lanza: The Voice of the Poets, Author: Emilio Iodice
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Title: Reflections: Stories of Love, Inspiration, Remembrance and Power: A collection of short works about family, passion, leadership, heroism, honor, courage, meaning, living, spirituality and wisdom., Author: Emilio Iodice
Title: Future Shock 2.0, Author: Emilio Iodice
Title: The Commander in Chief: The Qualities Needed of Leaders of Freedom-Loving Nations in the 21st Century, Author: Emilio Iodice
Title: When Courage was the Essence of Leadership: Lessons from History, New Edition, Author: Emilio Iodice
Title: Riflessioni: Storie di potere, amore, ispirazione e ricordo. Una raccolta di opere brevi sulla famiglia, la passione, la leadership, l'eroismo, l'onore, il coraggio, il significato e la vita., Author: Emilio Iodice
Title: Profiles in Leadership: From Caesar to Modern Times, Author: Emilio Iodice