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Title: Texts from the Baboon and Falcon Galleries, Author: John D. Ray
Title: Qasr Ibrim: The Ballana Phase, Author: William Y. Adams
Title: Qasr Ibrim: The Ottoman Period, Author: William Y Adams
Title: The Delta Survey, 2009-2015, Author: Jeffrey Spencer
Title: Hatnub: Quarrying Travertine in Ancient Egypt, Author: Ian Shaw
Title: The Wadi Shatt el-Rigal, Author: Ricardo A. Caminos
Title: The Oxyrhynchus Papyri Vol. LXXXIV, Author: Amin Benaissa
Title: Sais II: The Prehistoric Period at Sa el-Hagar, Author: Gregory Gilbert
Title: The Scrolls of Bishop Timotheos, Author: J. Martin Plumley
Title: The Oxyrhynchus Papyri LXXXI, Author: J. H. Brusuelas
Title: Temple Ritual at Abydos, Author: Rosalie David
Title: Qasr Ibrim: The Cathedral Church, Author: Fred Aldsworth
Title: The Undertakers of the Great Oasis (P. Nekr.), Author: Roger S. Bagnall
Title: Qasr Ibrim. The Hinterland Survey, Author: Pamela J Rose
Title: Tebtunis Papyri IV, Author: James G. Keenan
Title: Working in Memphis: The Production of Faience at Roman Period Kom Helul, Author: Paul T. Nicholson
Title: Demotic Ostraca and Other Inscriptions from the Sacred Animal Necropolis, North Saqqara, Author: John D. Ray
Title: Arabic Documents from the Ottoman Period from Qasr Ibrim, Author: Martin Hinds
Title: Sais I Ramesside 3rd Intermediate Period at Kom Rebwa, Author: Penelope Wilson
Title: Two Theocritus Papyri, Author: Arthur S. Hunt

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