Title: The Pencil Eater, Author: Stacey Corrigan
Title: Pat the Bat: Early Reader Series Book #1, Author: K D Chapman
Title: Theodore Thumbs and the Yellow Balloon, Author: Steven Moore
Title: Beastronauts 2: Take Us To Your Lemur, Author: DA Jolley
Title: The Big Race, Author: Kristen Sheppard
Title: Froggy Flibbet Meets A Cricket, Author: Michelle Lanoue
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Title: More Than Words- A Book About Body Language, Author: Amy Mary Jivani
Title: Paw Elementary - Roxy's Adventure to the Hair Salon: Dyslexic Edition, Author: Katie Melko
Title: Be Proud to Be Blue, Author: Diane Hull
Title: Harold Goes to School, Author: Philippa Rae
Title: Tux in the Zoo, Author: Diana Aleksandrova
Title: The Twelve O'clock cats: Dyslexic Font, Author: Patrick Joseph English
Title: Nat the Rat: Early Reader Series Book #2, Author: KD Chapman
Title: Bird Game, Author: Kristen Sheppard
Title: Abul- Abbas The Elephant, Author: Karen Neis
Title: LaDonna's Easter in Paris, Author: Kimberly A Gorgon Biddle
Title: The Hopeful Hodag, Author: Mary Lee Flannigan
Title: Beastronauts, Author: DA Jolley
Title: Tilly the Turtle: Little Hands Collection, Author: T L Derby
Title: Yellow Speckled Blackbird, Author: Dylan Pritchett

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