Title: Billy Budd, KGB, Author: Jerome Charyn
Title: Murder by Remote Control, Author: Janwillem van de Wetering
Title: Blackjack: Second Bite of the Cobra, Author: Alex Simmons
Title: Civil War Adventure: Book Two, Author: Chuck Dixon
Title: The Juggler of Our Lady: The Classic Christmas Story, Author: R. O. Blechman
Title: White Collar: A Novel in Linocuts, Author: Giacomo Patri
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Title: Through the Habitrails: Life Before and After My Career in the Cubicles, Author: Jeff Nicholson
Title: Little Tulip, Author: Jerome Charyn
Title: Border Worlds, Author: Don Simpson
Title: Worry Doll: A Graphic Novel by Matt Coyle, Author: Matt Coyle
Title: Seekers into the Mystery, Author: J. M. Dematteis
Title: Fires & Murmur, Author: Lorenzo Mattotti
Title: Lightrunner, Author: Lamar Waldron
Title: Georgie: The Story of a Man, His Dog, and a Pin, Author: R. O. Blechman
Title: World Without End: The Complete Collection, Author: Jamie Delano
Title: Mercy, Author: J. M. Dematteis
Title: The Puma Blues: The Complete Saga in One Volume, Author: Stephen Murphy
Title: Umbra, Author: Stephen Murphy
Title: Private Beach, Author: David Jerome Hahn
Title: The Magician's Wife, Author: Jerome Charyn