Title: Statistical Fluid Mechanics, Volume I: Mechanics of Turbulence, Author: A. S. Monin
Title: Statistical Fluid Mechanics, Volume II: Mechanics of Turbulence, Author: A. S. Monin
Title: Introduction to Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Author: Richard E. Meyer
Title: Nonequilibrium Statistical Thermodynamics, Author: Bernard H. Lavenda
Title: Theoretical Mechanics of Particles and Continua, Author: Alexander L. Fetter
Title: Theoretical Physics: Second Edition, Author: A. S. Kompaneyets
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Title: Problems of Atomic Dynamics, Author: Max Born
Title: The Physical Principles of the Quantum Theory, Author: Werner Heisenberg
Title: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics, Author: Peter T. Landsberg
Title: An Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics, Author: Terrell L. Hill
Title: Fourier Optics: An Introduction, Author: E. G. Steward
Title: Introduction to Astrophysics: The Stars, Author: Jean Dufay
Title: An Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Field Theory, Author: Silvan S. Schweber
Title: Time's Arrow: The Origins of Thermodynamic Behavior, Author: Michael C. Mackey
Title: Mathematical Problems in Plasticity, Author: Roger Temam
Title: Atomic Physics and Human Knowledge, Author: Niels Bohr
Title: An Introduction to Acoustics, Author: Robert H. Randall
Title: Chaotic Dynamics of Nonlinear Systems, Author: S. Neil Rasband
Title: Path Integrals and Quantum Processes, Author: Mark S. Swanson
Title: Mathematics of Relativity, Author: George Yuri Rainich

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