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Title: A Hunting I Will Go..., Author: Tony Frizzell
Title: Chaotic Reasoning, Author: Carter Ossian
Title: What a Long Strange It's Been, Author: Dr. Jeffrey W. Neal
Title: The Negro Project: Margaret Sanger's Diabolical, Duplicitous, Dangerous, Disastrous and Deadly Plan for Black America, Author: Bruce Fleury
Title: Cold Justice, Author: Megan Kirrmann
Title: Flyin' Kai: A Pelican's Tale, Author: Duncan P. Forgey
Title: A Call to Share, Author: Zke Zimmerman
Title: Beagle on Board, Author: Brad Bawmann
Title: The Uncommon Cent's Journey, Author: Brad Muller
Title: Uncle Julius and the Science Gang, Author: Robert W. Sessoms M.D.
Title: I Have Five Beautiful Daughters: The Saddest Words We Ever Heard, Author: Gloria G. Boltz (Palmer)
Title: Wake Up Black People: The Status Of African American Communities, Past, and Present!, Author: DeVere O. Kelley
Title: Life's Journey: A Young Italian Peasant in 1899 Travels to South Philadelphia Searching for a Better Life and Love, Author: Josephine B. Pasquarello
Title: Mike & Bec, Author: Tom Vazzana
Title: Proud Americans: Vietnam Artillery Soldiers... Then and Now, Author: Terry L. Nau
Title: Experienced Struggles, Author: Imajinah Mazique
Title: The Whoozit Froozle Tea Party, Author: Jennifer Ott
Title: Mommy's Sandcastle, Author: Veronica Thomas
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Title: End of All Freedom: The Bloody War, Author: Matthew Kleinedler
Title: The Soldiers Who Ate Rattlesnakes, Author: Dean O'Quinn

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