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Title: Reynolds Pamphlet, Author: Alexander Hamilton
Title: Carrying Independence, Author: Karen A. Chase
Title: Pop Art: A Critical History / Edition 1, Author: Steven Henry Madoff
Title: Les tribulations d'une caissière, Author: Anna Sam
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Title: Steve Jobs, Author: Walter Isaacson
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Title: The Side-by-Side Declaration of Independence: With side-by-side
Title: Los Angeles: The Development, Life, and Structure of the City of Two Million in Southern California, Author: Anton Wagner
Title: Magic, Author: Jamie Sutcliffe
Title: Lee's Adjutant: The Wartime Letters of Colonel Walter Herron Taylor, 1862-1865, Author: R. Lockwood Tower
Title: The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, Author: Mint Editions
Title: New Wine in New Wineskins. The Consecrated Life and its Ongoing Challenges since Vatican II. Guidelines, Author: Congregation for religious
Title: Les Romanov 1613 - 1918, Author: Simon Sebag Montefiore
Title: Dans la peau de Luka Magnotta: web-killer, Author: Karl Zéro
Title: Out of the Shadow: A Russian Jewish Girlhood on the Lower East Side / Edition 1, Author: Rose Cohen
Title: Une vie, Author: Simone Veil
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Title: The Mongols and Global History, Author: Morris Rossabi
Title: Robert Smithson: The Collected Writings / Edition 1, Author: Robert Smithson
Title: The Age of Jim Crow, Author: Jane Dailey
Title: Founding the Republic: A Documentary History / Edition 1, Author: John J. Patrick
Title: Pirates in the Age of Sail / Edition 1, Author: Robert J. Antony

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