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Title: Pirates in the Age of Sail / Edition 1, Author: Robert J. Antony
Title: Reforming America, 1815-1860, Author: Joshua D. Rothman
Title: The Age of Jim Crow, Author: Jane Dailey
Title: Two Communities in the Civil War / Edition 1, Author: Edward L. Ayers
Title: Indian Removal / Edition 1, Author: David Stephen Heidler
Title: 1989: End of the Twentieth Century, Author: James Carter
Title: The Global Revolutions of 1968 / Edition 1, Author: Jeremi Suri
Title: Path of the Dreamwalker, Author: Z M Delgado
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Title: Québécois 101: Notre portrait en 25 traits, Author: Pierre Côté
Title: Montréal à l'encre de tes lieux, Author: Florence Meney
Title: Archaic Times to the End of the Peloponnesian War / Edition 2, Author: Cambridge University Press
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Title: Carrying Independence, Author: Karen A. Chase
Title: Le Petit Tricheur: Robert Bourassa derrière le masque, Author: Jean-François Lisée
Title: The Dominions and India Since 1900: Select Documents on the Constitutional History of the British Empire and Commonwealth, Volume VI, Author: John Darwin
Title: Évangéline : Contes d'Amérique, Author: Joseph Yvon Thériault
Title: La Santé, ce mal nécessaire, Author: Robert Patenaude
Title: Vitruve, Traite d'architecture: De architectura, Author: Pierre Gros
Title: New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity, 1: A Review of the Greek Inscriptions and Papyri Published in 1976, Author: Stephen Llewelyn
Title: Les Cites de l'occident romain, Author: Francois Jacques
Title: The Empire of the Bretaignes, 1175-1688: The Foundations of a Colonial System of Government: Select Documents on the Constitutional History of The British Empire and Commonwealth, Volume I, Author: David Fieldhouse

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