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Title: Disturbing Pschoanalytic Origins: A Derridean Reading of Freudian Theory, Author: Eric Anders
Title: Dispersive Mass Transport in Oscillatory and Unidirectional Flows., Author: Robert Taylor
Title: Economic Reforms and Agricultural Supply Response in Jamaica, Author: Tigerjeet Ballayram
Title: Effects of Oral Reading Rate and Inflection on Comprehension and Its Maintenance, Author: Henry Tenenbaum
Title: New Methods of Computing Radial Distribution Functions of Fluids., Author: Fred Lado
Title: Present and Past Nutrient Dynamics of a Small Pond in Southwest Florida, Author: James Coleman
Title: Assimilate Partitioning and Enzymes of Organic Acid Metabolism in Fruit of Calamondin and Low-acid Grapefruit, Author: Chung-Ruey Yen
Title: Clonal Propagation of Endangered Native Plants Rhododendron Chapmanii Gray Taxus Floridana Nutt. and Torreya Taxifolia Arn, Author: Lee Barnes
Title: Building Chan Chan: The Application of Construction Project Management to the Analysis of Ancient Architecture, Author: Richard Smailes
Title: Noise in Bipolar Junction Transistors at Cryogenic Temperatures., Author: Thomas Wade
Title: Demography Stem Harvesting and Conservation of the Palm Iriartea Deltoidea, Author: Patti Anderson
Title: Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Evaluation of Mometasone Furoate, Author: Srikumar Sahasranaman
Title: Pragmatic Skills in Limited English Proficient/non-English Speaking Students Speech and Language Students and Regular Education Students, Author: Alexander Brice
Title: Preferred Strategies of Selected University Student Affairs Administrators in Implementing Change Using Nutt's Four Models of Change Implementation Tactics, Author: Branan Woodham
Title: Free-operant Avoidance of Time-out From Response-independent Food Presentation by Pigeons Pecking a Key, Author: Gregory Galbicka
Title: Toward a Scientific Criticism of Literature, Author: Carolyn Morris
Title: Gallium Arsenide on Silicon Substrate, Author: Young-Soon Kim
Title: Effectiveness of Concrete and Computer Simulated Manipulatives on Elementary Students' Learning Skills and Concepts in Experimental Probability, Author: Felicia Taylor
Title: Sleep Length and Variability, Author: Royce White

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