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Title: Disturbing Pschoanalytic Origins: A Derridean Reading of Freudian Theory, Author: Eric Anders
Title: Dispersive Mass Transport in Oscillatory and Unidirectional Flows., Author: Robert Taylor
Title: An Ounce of Prevention: The Effects of Critical Thinking Disposition and Message Frames on Behavioral Intent for Low-involvement Risks, Author: Susan Grantham
Title: Socioeconomic Status and Functional Ability Among Older Adults, Author: Dorothy McCawley
Title: Use of Experimental Data in Testing Methods for Design Against Uncertainty, Author: Raluca Rosca
Title: Environmental and Behavioral Influences on the Comparative Energetics of Anhingas Double-crested Cormorants and Flightless Cormorants, Author: Willard Hennemann
Title: New Methods of Computing Radial Distribution Functions of Fluids., Author: Fred Lado
Title: The Effects of a Cognitive and Somatic Awareness Intervention on Competitive Golf Performance and Emotion Regulation, Author: Lester Bouchard
Title: An Electrophysiological Analysis of Chronic Ethanol Effects on Synaptic Distribution and Function in Rat Hippocampus, Author: Wickliffe Abraham
Title: Living Through Private Time: African American Females at Menarche, Author: Dorothy Hawthorne
Title: Ancient Art of the Florida Peninsula: 500 B.C. to A.D. 1763, Author: Ryan Wheeler
Title: Synthetic and Spectroscopic Studies of Metal Carboxylate Dimers, Author: Joshua Telser
Title: Reproductive Behavior and Isolation of Two Sympatric Coenagrionid Damselflies in Florida, Author: Kenneth Tennessen
Title: Effect of a Relational Approach to Parent Education for Incarcerated Mothers in a Work Release Center, Author: Lesley LeBaron
Title: Assessing Staff Nurses' Styles of Involvement With the Families of Their Patients, Author: Cathy Burns
Title: The Effects of Family History on Patient Health Behavior: An Examination of Youths With Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, Author: Rwanda Aker
Title: Optimality Constraints and Hierarchies in the Analysis of Foraging Strategies, Author: Jeffrey Lucas
Title: The Firm of Greeley Weed and Seward: New York Partisanship and the Press 1840-1860, Author: Gregory Borchard
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Title: An Examination of the Effects of Local School District Discretionary Levies on the Fiscal Equity of a State Foundation Distribution System, Author: Jeffrey Maiden
Title: Analysis of Storage/release Systems in Urban Stormwater Quality Management, Author: Stephan Nix

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