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Title: Disturbing Pschoanalytic Origins: A Derridean Reading of Freudian Theory, Author: Eric Anders
Title: Device Physics for Engineering Design of Heavily Doped Regions in Pn-junction Silicon Solar Cells, Author: Muhammed Shibib
Title: The Influence of Native Language Skills on Foreign Language Learning: Phonological Orthographic and Semantic Contributions, Author: Gerianne Gilligan
Title: The Role of Prior Beliefs Refutational Text Intrinsic and Extrinsic Goals and Extrinsic Reward Structure in the Conceptual Change of Preservice Teachers, Author: Dawn Kutza
Title: Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Evaluation of Mometasone Furoate, Author: Srikumar Sahasranaman
Title: Racial Identification and Preference in Young Children as a Function of Race and Sex of the Experimenter and Child., Author: Katrine Kirn
Title: Sustainable Architecture and Its Relationship to Industrialized Building, Author: Dana Haukoos
Title: Interpersonal Communication of Affiliation and Dominance in Close Relationships: Exploring Gender Differences, Author: Ruth Herman
Title: Short-term Econometric Forecasting Analysis for Latin America, Author: Thomas Fullerton
Title: Familial Influences on the Moral Reasoning of Adolescent First-time Offenders, Author: Stephen Giunta
Title: Measuring the Value of Public Goods: A New Approach With Applications to Recreational Fishing and Public Utility Pricing, Author: David Carter
Title: Spectroscopy of Fission Fragment Excited Atmospheric Pressure Argon and Xenon Plasmas, Author: Robert Davie
Title: Deployable Antenna Kinematics Using Tensegrity Structure Design, Author: Byron Knight
Title: The Use of a Dietary Supplement Combination and an Essential Fatty Acid as an Alternative and Complementary Treatment for Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivitiy Disorder (ADHD), Author: Alan Brue
Title: The Relationship of Job Marketability Training to the Placement Success of College Seniors, Author: Alan Schlossman
Title: Restructuring in Network Industries: Competition and Mergers in Telecommunications, Author: Mark Jamison
Title: Effects of Oral Reading Rate and Inflection on Comprehension and Its Maintenance, Author: Henry Tenenbaum
Title: Kinematics of Parallel Manipulators With Ground-mounted Actuators, Author: Tzu-Chen Weng
Title: Pragmatic Skills in Limited English Proficient/non-English Speaking Students Speech and Language Students and Regular Education Students, Author: Alexander Brice

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