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Title: Disturbing Pschoanalytic Origins: A Derridean Reading of Freudian Theory, Author: Eric Anders
Title: Dispersive Mass Transport in Oscillatory and Unidirectional Flows., Author: Robert Taylor
Title: Conjure in African-American Society, Author: Jeffrey Anderson
Title: Acquisition of Fraction Concepts One-half and One-fourth by First-grade Students Using a Constructivist Approach, Author: Virginia Harder
Title: A Longitudinal Study of the Distributional Equity of the Florida Education Finance Program, Author: Sarah Mendonça
Title: Species Diversity and Ecology of Trichoptera (Caddisflies) and Plecoptera (stoneflies) in Ravine Ecosystems of Northern Florida, Author: Andrew Rasmussen
Title: The Effect of Embedded Questions on Readers' Calibration of Test Readiness, Author: Daniel Lofald
Title: Investigation of Multicolor Quantum Well Infrared Photodectors and Type II Superlattice Infrared Photodetectors, Author: Junhee Moon
Title: Propagator Calculations on Molecular Ionization and Excitation Processes, Author: Joseph Ortiz
Title: An Integrated Design Decision System for Optimum Life-cycle Cost With Emphasis on Constraint Management: Dynamic Programming and Multivariate Optimization, Author: Mridul Tandon
Title: Interference Mitigation for GPS Based Attitude Determination, Author: Matthew Markel
Title: Analytical and Diagnostical Studies of Atomic and Ionic Fluorescence in the Inductively Coupled Argon Plasma, Author: Michael Kosinski
Title: Numerical Simulation of Viscous Accretion Disks, Author: Ronald Drimmel
Title: A Sociolinguistic and Conversational Analysis Among Second Generation Moroccans in the Netherlands, Author: Petronella Van Deusen-Scholl
Title: Discourse Functions of the Active-passive Dichotomy in English, Author: Douglas Coleman
Title: Family Caregiving of the Patient With Complex Care Needs Doing What You Gotta Do, Author: Katherine Robinson
Title: Partial Differential Equation Based Control of Nonlinear Systems With Input Delays, Author: Indrasis Chakraborty
Title: Characterization of Two Carbon-sixty Systems: Electron-doped Carbon-sixty Monolayers on Thin-film Metal Underlayers and Composite Films of Carbon-sixty and Nickel, Author: Quentin Hudspeth
Title: Data Acquistition of Fast Rise Time Pulses of Magnetic Thin Films, Author: Peter Fairchild
Title: Nitrogen Uptake, Nitrogen-use Efficiency and Nitrogen Leaching Losses of Citrus, Author: John Lea-Cox

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