Title: Loss of the Steamship “Titanic”: Report of a Formal Investigation into the Circumstances Attending the Foundering on April 15, 1912, of the British Steamship “Titanic,” of Liverpool, after Striking Ice,, Author: Mr. Smith
Title: Abraham Lincoln: The True Story of a Great Life, Volumes 1 and 2, Author: William H. Herndon
Title: The Camp Fire Girls’ Larks and Pranks; Or The House of the Open Door, Author: Hildegard G. Frey
Title: Miss Santa Claus of the Pullman, Author: Annie Fellows Johnson
Title: Alexander Hamilton, Author: Charles A. Conant
10 in Series
Title: Memoirs of Benjamin Franklin Written by Himself, Author: Benjamin Franklin
Title: The White Crystals: Being an Account of the Adventures of Two Boys, Author: Howard R. Garis
Title: Huntley: A Mason Family Country House, Author: Tony P. Wrenn
Title: The History of Antiquity, Volumes 1 and 2, Author: Max Drucker
Title: Peachmonk, Author: John Evermore
Title: A Summer’s Outing and the Old Man’s Story, Author: Carter H. Harrison
Title: Lectures on the Philosophy and Practice of Slavery, as Exhibited in the Institution of Domestic Slavery in the United States: with the Duties of Masters to Slaves., Author: William A. Smith
Title: The Barefoot Time, Author: Adelbert Farrington Caldwell
Title: Guide To Yosemite: A Handbook of the Trails and Roads of Yosemite Valley and the Adjacent Region, Author: Ansel F. Hall
Title: Wilderness of Spring, Author: Edgar Pangborn
Title: Constance Sherwood: An Autobiography of the Sixteenth Century, Author: Georgiana Fullerton
Title: Elijah the Tishbite and other Miscellaneous Writings, Author: C/J/ <aclomtpsj
Title: The Crux, Author: Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Title: Bib-li-op-e-gis-tic (Pertaining to the art of binding books--Dibdin) to which is appended a glossary of some terms used in the craft with Illustrations of Bindings Designed and Executed by The Trow Press, New York, Author: unknown
Title: Clara Vaughan (Volumes 1-3 of 3), Author: R. D. Blackmore

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