Title: The Time Traveller's Herbal: An historical handbook for the budding apothecary, Author: Amanda Edmiston Pre-Order Now
Title: Pok mon Cross Stitch: Bring your favorite Pok mon to life with over 50 cute cross stitch patterns, Author: Maria Diaz Pre-Order Now
Title: The Handmade Grimoire: A creative treasury for magickal journalling, Author: Laura Derbyshire Pre-Order Now
Title: Wiccan Cuisine: A recipe deck for Kitchen Witches, Author: Carla Torrents Murcia Pre-Order Now
Title: Art Magick Cards: An inspiration deck for creativity, Author: Molly Roberts Pre-Order Now
Title: Cute Kawaii Cross Stitch: Over 400 super adorable patterns, Author: Sosaa Caetano Pre-Order Now
Title: The Illustrator's Guide To Procreate: How to make digital art on your iPad, Author: Ruth Burrows Pre-Order Now
Title: Mosaic Knitting Workshop, Author: Ashleigh Wempe Pre-Order Now
Title: Snippets: 52 Weeks of Diary Comics, Author: Rachael Smith Pre-Order Now
Title: Creative Stained Glass: Make stunning glass art and gifts with this instructional guide, Author: Noor Springael Pre-Order Now
Title: The Best of Jelly Roll Quilts: 25 jelly roll patterns for quick quilting, Author: Pam Lintott Pre-Order Now
Title: Crochet Southwest Spirit: Over 20 Bohemian Crochet Patterns Inspired by the American Southwest, Author: Susan Kennedy Pre-Order Now
Title: Sacred Art, Author: Kathleen Hoffman Pre-Order Now
Title: Timeless Textured Baby Crochet: 20 heirloom crochet patterns for babies and toddlers, Author: Vita Apala Pre-Order Now
Title: The Tarot Spreads Yearbook, Author: Chelsey Pippin Mizzi Pre-Order Now
Title: Only Yoking: Top down knitting patterns for 12 seamless sweaters, Author: Olga Putano Pre-Order Now
Title: The Magic of Seeds: The nature-lover's guide to growing garden flowers and herbs from seed, Author: Clare Gogerty Pre-Order Now
Title: My Cute Kawaii Drawings: Learn to Draw Adorable Art with This Easy Step-By-Step Guide, Author: Mayumi Jezewski Pre-Order Now
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Title: Crochet Collage Garden: 100 patterns for crochet flowers, plants and petals, Author: Chris Norrington Pre-Order Now
Title: Your Wildlife Garden: A seasonal guide to increasing the biodiversity in your garden, Author: Jackie Bennett Pre-Order Now

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