Title: A Duckling for Daniel, Author: Angela C. Santomero
Title: Daniel Goes to the Carnival, Author: Angela C. Santomero
Title: Daniel's First Babysitter, Author: Alexandra Cassel
Title: Daniel Tiger's 3-Minute Bedtime Stories, Author: Various
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Title: Daniel Chooses to Be Kind, Author: Rachel Kalban
Title: Going to See Grandpere, Author: Daphne Pendergrass
Title: With Love from Daniel: Ready-to-Read Pre-Level 1, Author: Patty Michaels
Title: Welcome to the Neighborhood!, Author: Becky Friedman
Title: King Daniel the Kind, Author: Angela C. Santomero
Title: Daniel Tiger's 5-Minute Stories, Author: Various
Title: The Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Mini Library (Boxed Set): Welcome to the Neighborhood!; Daniel Chooses to Be Kind; Goodnight, Daniel Tiger; You Are Special, Daniel Tiger!, Author: Various Pre-Order Now
Title: Daniel Loves Fall!, Author: Natalie Shaw
Title: Daniel Learns to Share: Ready-to-Read Pre-Level 1, Author: Becky Friedman
Title: Daniel Goes Out for Dinner: Ready-to-Read Pre-Level 1, Author: Maggie Testa
Title: Daniel's Day at the Beach, Author: Becky Friedman
Title: Big Enough to Help, Author: Becky Friedman
Title: Meet the Neighbors!, Author: Natalie Shaw
Title: Daniel's Sweet Trip to the Bakery: A Scratch-&-Sniff Book, Author: Maggie Testa
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Title: Daniel Goes to the Playground, Author: Becky Friedman
Title: I'm Feeling Mad, Author: Natalie Shaw

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