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Title: LEGO DC Super Heroes Phonics Boxed Set, Author: Quinlan B. Lee
Title: LEGO DC Super Heroes: ¡amigos Y Enemigos!, Author: Trey King
Title: Super-Villain Ghost Scare! (LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Brick Adventures), Author: Liz Marsham
Title: The Official DC Super Hero Cookbook: 60+ Simple, Tasty Recipes for Growing Super Heroes, Author: Matthew Mead
Title: How to Draw Batman, Superman, and Other DC Super Heroes and Villains, Author: Aaron Sautter
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Title: Batman Science: The Real-World Science Behind Batman's Gear, Author: Tammy Enz
Title: DC Super Heroes: Color Me Powerful!, Author: Sarah Parvis
Title: Bedtime for Batman, Author: Michael Dahl
Title: DC Super Heroes World's Greatest Jokes: Featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and more!, Author: Michael Dahl
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Title: Good Morning, Superman!, Author: Michael Dahl
Title: Be a Star, Wonder Woman!, Author: Michael Dahl
Title: Superman vs. Bizarro, Author: John Sazaklis
Title: Wonder Woman vs. Circe, Author: Laurie S. Sutton
Title: Supergirl vs. Brainiac, Author: Scott Sonneborn
Title: Family Is A Superpower, Author: Michael Dahl
Title: Sweet Dreams, Supergirl, Author: Michael Dahl
Title: Batman vs. Catwoman, Author: J.E. Bright
Title: The Fog of Fear, Author: Martin Powell
Title: How to Draw Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Other DC Super Heroes, Author: Aaron Sautter
Title: La vuelta al mundo! (Race Around the World!), Author: Trey King

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