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Title: First Rider's Call (Green Rider Series #2), Author: Kristen Britain
Title: From Unseen Fire, Author: Cass Morris
Title: How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse: Book One of the Thorne Chronicles, Author: K. Eason
Title: Twelve Kings in Sharakhai, Author: Bradley P. Beaulieu
Title: The Heart of What Was Lost, Author: Tad Williams
Title: Give Way to Night, Author: Cass Morris
Title: Rosemary and Rue (October Daye Series #1), Author: Seanan McGuire
Title: Revisionary (Magic Ex Libris Series #4), Author: Jim C. Hines
Title: The Gossamer Mage, Author: Julie E. Czerneda
Title: How the Multiverse Got Its Revenge, Author: K. Eason
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Title: War, Author: Michelle West
Title: Pariah (Donovan Series #3), Author: W. Michael Gear
Title: The Snake Fist Karate Federation Guide., Author: Thomas Daw
Title: Cries from the Lost Island, Author: Kathleen O'Neal Gear
Title: Lies of Descent, Author: Troy Carrol Bucher
Title: Amid the Crowd of Stars, Author: Stephen Leigh
Title: This Virtual Night, Author: C. S. Friedman
Title: Unraveling, Author: Karen Lord
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Title: The Master of Dreams (Dreamscape Trilogy #1), Author: Mike Resnick
Title: Gideon - Mighty Man of Valor, Author: Laura Hartnell Daw

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