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Title: History of Life Course EPack, Author: David A. DeWitt
Title: A path in my journey...for His calling on my life in this world: This is MyStory, Author: Phoebe Khaya Ndamane-Malebane
Title: Why On Earth Did God Let This Happen For Heaven's Sake?: Dear God Kneemail Book 1: November 2006 - December 2007, Author: Kent Hovind
Title: What On Earth Is About To Happen For Heaven's Sake: A Dissertation on End Times According to the Holy Bible, Author: Kent E Hovind
Title: The Law Of Love, The Master Key To A Delightful Life, Author: Gloria Pierre Ecclesiastes
Title: Death: Photography 1994-2011, Author: Kiyotaka Tsurisaki
Title: The Medal Maker, Author: Roger Vaughan
Title: I Just Look Like This, Author: A. Kirk Williams MD
Title: Christian Fiction Super Pack: 12 Christian Novels, Author: Robin Merrill
Title: Jesus and the Rise of Christianity, Author: Philip Rodney McFarland
Title: Pearls of Creation A-Z of Pearls, 2nd Edition BRONZE AWARD: non fiction, Author: Marge Dawson
Title: Medal Maker: A Biography of Victor Kovalenko, Author: Roger Vaughan
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Title: Hellen Chen's Love Seminar, Author: Hellen Chen
Title: Bridging Science and Spirit: The Genius of William A. Tiller's Physics and the Promise of Information Medicine, Author: Nisha J. Manek
Title: Fossils: Description & Interpretation: Within a Biblical Worldview, Author: JD Mitchell
Title: ¿Y si vuelas?, Author: Alan Noble
Title: The Gift of Leadership: How To Find and Become A Great Leader Worth Following, Author: Andrew Burchfield
Title: What if You Fly?, Author: Alan Noble
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Title: ??????: ??????????, Author: Naomi Otsubo
Title: I Just Look Like This, Author: Anthony Kirk Williams MD

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