Title: Understanding Greek Myths, Author: Natalie Hyde
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Title: Inventing the Automobile, Author: Erinn Banting
Title: Model Trains: Creating Tabletop Railroads, Author: David Jefferis
Title: The Battle of the Alamo, Author: Lynn Peppas
Title: Early Islamic Empires, Author: Lizann  Flatt
Title: The Role of Religion in the Early Islamic World, Author: Jim Whiting
Title: Government and Democracy, Author: Charlie Ogden
Title: Government and Law in the Early Islamic World, Author: Trudee Romanek
Title: Mechanical Engineering and Simple Machines, Author: Robert Snedden
Title: Entomologists in Action, Author: Anne Rooney
Title: My Smartphone and Other Digital Accessories, Author: Helen Greathead
Title: Chemists in Action, Author: James Bow
Title: Your Brain: Understanding Your Body's Control Center, Author: Jeff Szpirglas
Title: What Is the Theory of Plate Tectonics?, Author: Craig Saunders
Title: Maker Projects for Kids Who Love Greening Up Spaces, Author: Megan Kopp
Title: Violence Against Women, Author: Emma Marriott
Title: Rowing, Sailing, and Other Sports on the Water, Author: Jason Page
Title: Maker Projects for Kids Who Love Photography, Author: Kelly Spence
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Title: Health Care Journalism, Author: Diane Dakers
Title: Pathways Through Australia, Author: Adrianna Morganelli

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