Title: Tongue Lyre, Author: Tyler Mills
Title: Oblivio Gate, Author: Sean Nevin
Title: Birthmark, Author: Jon Marcelino Pineda MFA
Title: Misery Prefigured, Author: J Allyn Rosser PhD
Title: This Country of Mothers, Author: Julianna Baggott
Title: Muse, Author: Susan Aizenberg
Title: Errata, Author: Lisa Fay Coutley
Title: Objects of Hunger, Author: E. C. Belli
Title: Hijra, Author: Hala Alyan
Title: Fieldglass, Author: Catherine Pond
Title: All the Great Territories, Author: Matthew Austin Wimberley
Title: Holding Everything Down, Author: William John Notter
Title: In the Absence of Clocks, Author: Jacob Shores-Arguello
Title: Unearth, Author: Chad Davidson
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Title: Spitting Image, Author: Kara van de Graaf
Title: American Flamingo, Author: Greg Pape
Title: Egg Island Almanac, Author: Brendan Galvin
Title: The Laughter of Adam and Eve, Author: Jason Sommer
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Title: Consolation Miracle / Edition 3, Author: Chad Davidson
Title: The Star-Spangled Banner, Author: Denise Duhamel

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